Shakespeare Workshop

We offer workshops in Shakespeare because his plays and other writings cover the entire range of human experience. You will be able to participate in the observation of human nature as we see people confronting circumstances, struggling to know what to do, and then relying on their inner resources to survive a crisis. Your own strength and determination will be improved as you explore Shakespeare’s works. You may also recognize and identify aspects of your own life and circumstances.

Shakespeare’s plays deal with timeless issues that we all face today; love, jealousy, heartbreak, guilt, regret, revenge, dishonesty, greed, and more. His language is sublimely beautiful and poetic. He added more than 1500 new words to the English language. Phrases from, “love is blind” to “all that glistens is not gold”, he added to our language and culture.

You will discover that Shakespeare used some nouns as verbs and other words usually used as verbs, he used as adjectives. When we hear these familiar sounding words in unfamiliar ways we actually get a benefit intellectually. We learn to see language differently. Studies have shown that reading Shakespeare has a lasting effect on our thought processes long after we have put down the material. You will become a better reader and better able to understand the complexities of the English language.

At Melrose Recovery Center we welcome you to workshops that will involve some roll playing of these famous heroes, heroines, and villains. Although most of Shakespeare’s characters are much more complex than this, we will discover through discussion, how these characters portray timeless circumstances and age old problems. Most of the time we will discuss ways in which Shakespeare is relevant to our times and your life.

Wrestling to understand Shakespeare’s language offers an alternative to popular culture. Our times demand immediate gratification and are often very shallow in nature. You will gain a confidence to tackle new works of literature and increase or develop your interest in books and reading as you work on understanding Shakespeare’s language.

The study of Shakespeare will add a new dimension to your life as you will see the possible application of fresh and creative solutions to your own problems. Enter the bold, vital and imaginative world of Shakespeare! Call us today to sign up and discover these timeless treasures, (855) 512-5033.