Achieving Goals

One of the main benefits of achieving goals is being able to look back with satisfaction at the progress you’ve made. At Melrose Recovery Center we believe that you will be able to take satisfaction and develop your own sense of self-worth as you set and achieve your own goals. You will work in a group setting which will help you stay focused, give you added support, and help you with choosing, setting and accomplishing your goals.

You will be able to experience not only a sense of accomplishment but also pride in yourself and your ability to move ahead. You will grow in your strength and inner ability to move forward as you make progress on a daily basis. Your group will help you to be accountable on a regular basis for the goals you’ve set.

Your goals will be your own but in a group there will be others that can help you to set realistic goals and expectations for yourself. Your goals should be as detailed as possible but very achievable. Even if your goal is what some might consider a small step. Accomplishing even small things can give you the confidence to move ahead. Your beginning goals should be something in which you can take action right now, however small the action may be. Take small steps towards your destination, day by day.

In setting your goals, you should be as clear as possible. Imagining or describing every detail or aspect of your goal helps it to become clearer in your mind. Goal setting is important because it helps to give us direction. Your goals will give you something to aim for, something to work towards.

Groups at Melrose Recovery Center can help you make your goals a reality by helping you think in new ways about yourself and what you can accomplish. It is important to break down your goals into small ‘chunks’, then break these down into their smallest parts until you can find an action that you can take right away. Having accountability on a daily basis to a group will keep you moving forward. They can help you see things more clearly and stay realistic in your accomplishments. Try your best, that’s all that can be asked of anyone.

Seeing your own progress will help you gain the confidence to keep going. We hope you will:

  •  Keep the promises you make to yourself
  •  Have a sense of accomplishment every day
  •  Gain a sense of control over your life
  •  Always move forward-even in small ways
  •  See yourself develop into what you want to be

Remember the only thing that can stop you, is you! Call today to sign up, (855) 512-5033.