We all are in almost constant contact with others. The relationships we form during our lifetime can have a great deal of influence on the quality of our lives. Relationships can be formed that will benefit ourselves and others or they can be harmful and cause us pain and difficulty. Strong, positive, interpersonal relationships can be essential in our ability to be successful during our lives.

It’s important to recognize the characteristics of positive relationships. Relationships that do not promote our best interests may in fact be damaging to us. At Melrose Recovery Center we hope to be able to give you the tools to determine what those good relationships in your life should be like. Our goal is for you to be happy and successful in forming new friendships with people that will help you on your journey to permanent recovery.

There are characteristics in good relationships that when present will help you to know that the relationship is beneficial to yourself and others. Here are some indicators that a relationship is a beneficial one in your life.

Good relationships are built on trust. It’s difficult to sustain relationships with others that can’t be trusted. You will never have the feeling that you are hearing the truth and you won’t be able to relax and be yourself around someone you can’t trust.

A person you trust is someone in whom you can confide. You can be honest with them because you know they will be honest with you. You can be confident that you will be accepted for who you are without judgment or criticism. You can trust that you will be accepted.

Good, healthy relationships give us the support and encouragement we need to be able to face the many challenges we experience and develop the skills we need to successfully navigate into new opportunities and new positive life choices.

Someone who will give you a kind ear by listening non-judgmentally will enable you to express yourself freely. It’s important for you to have someone who will listen to you when you’re frustrated or feeling down. You should feel safe, cared for, and comfortable in their presence. A good relationship will give you freedom of expression.

Building a good relationship means you have shared experiences with someone with whom you have mutual understanding. With little explanation, they will know what you are feeling and understand you.

You will be able to count on the people with whom you have good relationships. They will ‘be there for you’. As you consider the part they will play in your life you will see that you could call on them when you need help. They will be a positive influence in your life and build you up. Although they will see both your strengths and your weaknesses, they will help you to see that by using your strengths, you can succeed. Frequently we don’t see ourselves clearly. Someone who is concerned with your best interest will help you to see your strengths and encourage you to use those to meet your challenges.

It is important for you to identify the difference between those in your life that have these characteristics and can help you to overcome your challenges from those who mean to do you harm. At Melrose Recovery Center we want to help you identify the people in your life that can help you form good, healthy relationships as you move forward in overcoming your substance abuse issues.

Once you have been able to build relationships that are beneficial to you. You will be able to be that person for others, helping them see the good in others and wanting you to be there for them. Others will be benefitted by your good influence.

We offer Relationship classes that will help you move forward in your life, building positive relationships for yourself and others. Call today, (855) 512-5033.