12 Step Education

At Melrose Recovery Center, we utilize a 12-Step Education Program as an outline for living a clean and sober life. Learning and implementing these 12 steps into your life will be an important part of your recovery process. Contained within these 12 steps are simple tools enabling the recovering addict to have a set of principles that, when followed, will lead to a lifelong process of successful recovery. These 12 steps incorporate spiritual well-being and involve the fellowship of others who share their experiences of recovery with you and offer you support.

Briefly summarized these twelve steps begin with admitting that you cannot control your addiction or compulsion, and that you need help.

After this admission, you can look to and recognize a higher power than your own, that can give you the strength you need to overcome your addiction or disorder. You must have the desire to make a change in your life and a willingness to accept help from others.

You will be encouraged to make a “moral inventory” of your life, examining past errors. For this you may need the help of a sponsor or facilitator. They will be able to help you make a realistic evaluation and encourage you to be fearless while you seek out the truth.

You will be encouraged to make amends for these past errors or behaviors, if possible. Holding on to past problems can be very destructive to your future success. By doing this it is hoped you will feel a sense of return to whom you really are and a renewal of your personal strength and direction.

Recovery is a lifetime pursuit and requires you to learn to live a new life with new positive and beneficial behaviors. You will be given the encouragement and strategies you need to enable your success.

After you have come this far you will be able to reach out to others, helping those who are struggling with the same destructive behaviors from which you have escaped. Service to others is a key component to your lasting recovery. You now will be in a position to become someone else’s best hope for help and strength.

Here at Melrose Recovery Center, you will be given all the time and care you need to successfully move through these steps. They have been developed to naturally lead into the next. As you feel able, we will give you the education, hope and support you will need to move ahead. You will be able to feel the same satisfaction that comes to us as we see people recovering, going on to help others, and finding new meaning in their lives. It is what drives us to continue in this rewarding effort. There is no quick solution for your addiction. Finding the right tools to enable your success is crucial. Call us today, (855) 512-5033.