We provide support

when other programs have ended.

Relapse Prevention

Transitioning from a sober living, residential program to live on your own is extremely difficult. A relapse can shatter your motivation as well as your sense of self-worth and become a vicious cycle. At Melrose Recovery Center we know how vulnerable an addict can feel. We want to help you understand that learning new responses for old reactions can ‘break the cycle’ of self-destructive behavior. At any point in your recovery, our groups ....

Treated for

Melrose Recovery Center began as an effort to care for those recovering from addiction and living a sober and clean lifestyle. New life skills are needed as well as opportunities for creative expression. Our approach is an integrated model that is specialized to meet your individual needs. Our goal is to provide you with the skills to pursue and maintain a life full of enriching experiences away from the self-destruction of alcohol...

Support Services

At Melrose Recovery Center we treat the whole person and their needs, not just the symptoms. Our comprehensive treatment program provides a supportive and safe environment for you to express yourself and establish new life skills. As you make the transition from residential treatment to early stages of recovery and back to the community we provide services and opportunities for creative expression that will help to make these...

Melrose Recovery Center starts at the beginning of your recovery through transition and continues to aid your recovery through your first year and beyond. We provide support when other programs have ended. Melrose Recovery Center is a substance and alcohol day program in Los Angeles. The first year of your recovery is the most crucial, although most programs end after 90 days. Three months to a year is the time recovering addicts and alcoholics need help transitioning into becoming self-supportive individuals, who are able to deal with the challenges of life.

We provide unfailing support for those transitioning to live on their own and for those building a foundation for a lasting recovery. We specialize in providing an approach to recovery that is customized to meet your individual needs. Whether your addiction is to alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, co-occurring disorders, other addictions or disorders, our goal is to meet your needs at the level of care you require. We use evidence-based services utilizing; 12 step education, Relapse Prevention, Psychotherapy, Somatic Therapy, and more. In our effort to treat the whole person, we invite you to join our support community, we also provide alternative services and support including; Anger Management, Grief and Process Groups, Vocational Workshops, and Re-socialization skills. Creative expression is also offered in a variety of workshops including; Meditation, Yoga, Drama, Music in Recovery, and Creative Writing. In our experience the holistic approach to your addiction recovery or disorder management provides the best opportunity for your success.Leaving a sober living residential program to live on your own is extremely difficult. Relapse can become a real danger because you may not feel prepared and you might not have the necessary support. At any point in your recovery, our groups keep you connected to a community that can give you lasting support.

There is no quick fix for addiction and finding the tools to help you successfully replace drugs and alcohol is crucial. We can help you put together a personal program that addresses your specific needs. Contact us and take that first step to a lasting recovery, (855) 512-5033.