What is Dopamine?

Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter, a kind of body chemical which transmits signals between different neurons or nerve cells of the brain. Like many other neurotransmitters, Dopamine is associated with many functions, some of them critical to the normal functioning of the brain and hence the human body. Dopamine plays an important role in human behavior, cognition, attention, movement, learning and is especially associated with the...
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Nicotine Makes Mouse Brain More Responsive to Cocaine

Neurobiological effect may explain why smoking is gateway to cocaine abuse, researchers say.
Lori Whitten, NIDA Notes Staff Writer
Nicotine sensitizes the mouse brain to the addictive effects of cocaine, according to recent NIDA-supported research. If the findings carry over to people, they would suggest that preventing youths from smoking might reduce their vulnerability to cocaine abuse and...
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Beyond Hangovers

A brightly colored cosmopolitan is the drink of choice for the glamorous characters in Sex and the City. James Bond depends on his famous martini—shaken, not stirred—to unwind with after confounding a villain. And what wedding concludes without a champagne toast? Alcohol is part of our culture—it helps us celebrate and socialize, and it enhances our religious ceremonies. But drinking too much—on a single occasion or over time—can have serious consequences for...
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How to find the way

I ran across blog about Dave's life experiences. Addict or not, the message he gives is a good one (in my book). Hope you like it.   How to find the way reposted from 2013 Post image for How to find the way
Being sick is...
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What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism, also called alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction, is a destructive pattern of alcohol use that includes tolerance to or withdrawal from the substance, using more alcohol or using it for longer than planned, and trouble reducing its use. Other potential symptoms include spending an inordinate amount of time getting, using, or recovering from the use of alcohol, compromised functioning, and/or...
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