Drama Workshop

Participating in the art of drama presents a unique opportunity to examine aspects of our human experience. Here at Melrose Recovery Center we encourage you to get involved in our Drama Workshops. As you role play you will get the chance to see things from another person’s point of view. In your group work you will benefit from better communication skills and improved self-confidence. You will begin to trust your own ideas and acquire new trust in your abilities and creativity to solve your problems.

As you participate with the group, you will begin to experience making creative choices, thinking of new ideas and interpreting familiar material in new ways. Your imagination will be utilized as you use your creativity. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” You will benefit as both your imagination and knowledge grow.

Your compassion and empathy for others will be improved as you consider roles from different time periods, different cultures, and different situations. An increased tolerance will also be a product of your study of different dramatic roles. Hopefully you will begin to feel empathy for the circumstances of others and how others solved the problems they faced.

Theatre combines the creative ideas and abilities of all those who are involved. Such skills as productive discussion, negotiating, rehearsing, and problem solving, will build your ability to collaborate and cooperate with others. You will get the chance to improvise. This will develop social interaction and risk taking that will build your trust in others and yourself. Improvisation promotes quick thinking to find solutions, which can lead to greater adaptability in your life.

Drama requires a sustained focus of mind as you practice, memorize, and perform. It also requires you to have control of your body and voice as you create a character and emotions driven by the part you are playing.

Your verbal and nonverbal ability to express ideas will be explored. Listening and observation skills are also improved because you will be audience to others as well as performer. Your communication skills such as voice projection, clear speech production, memory and persuasive speech will also improve.

Participating in drama will give you an opportunity to express a wide range of emotions. You can feel a great release of tension as you participate in aggressive and tense, dramatic situations in a safe, controlled environment. Many dramatic activities reduce stress by releasing mental, physical and emotional tension. Self-discipline is also explored as you move through different dramatic situations and solutions.

Most of all join us and participate in drama because it is fun! It is creative play making and there will be laughter, humor and a great deal of enjoyment. Who knows, you may discover a talent you never knew you had! Melrose Recovery Center, call us today to sign up, (855) 512-5033.