Drug Screening

Simply put, at Melrose Recovery Center we do drug screening if the Court mandates it for you or if your family requests it. Drug Screening is standard practice in the workplace, the courts and even at some homes. Most employers require a pre-employment drug test. Police departments conduct post-incident drug tests after accidents.

Over the last decade, drug testing has become progressively more common. In 1988 then President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Drug-Free Workplace Act. It began as an executive order for any federal workplace. In 1988 this was extended to include all employers that receive federal contracts or grants. These employers were required to conduct employee drug screening. This initiated a trend that now extends throughout the corporate culture in the United States.

Fifty-five percent of U.S. companies conduct employee drug screenings, according to the 2010 research done by the Society of Human Resource Management. Reasons for these tests are based upon a company’s need to find the best job candidates, to prevent workplace accidents and to save money on health insurance premiums.

Pre-employment testing is a common type of drug screening. After you have been offered and accepted a new position, your job may depend upon your being able to pass the drug screening test. Other types of screening may include criminal background checks, credit checks, reference checks and educational background checks. Most of these are clearly stated on the job application.

The best way to pass these drug screening tests is to be clean and sober. We can help you to overcome your addictions and become a self-supportive individual who can deal with the challenges of life drug free. Call us today, (855) 512-5033.