Anger Management

Anger is a powerful emotion that can have its beginning in feelings of hurt, frustration, embarrassment, lack of patience, or disappointment. Anger is a normal human emotion, when you know how to express it appropriately. At Melrose Recovery Center, we realize that Anger Management is the process of learning how to recognize the signs that you’re becoming angry and taking the necessary actions to calm down and deal with your anger in appropriate ways. We have groups with facilitators that can help you acquire the skills to deal with situations that are the source of your anger, in ways that will not become self-destructive.

Anger that is not appropriately expressed can damage relationships, affect your ability to think clearly, and contribute to a variety of physical ailments. Long-term anger has been linked to health issues such as high blood pressure, heart problems, headaches, and digestive problems.  Anger outbursts are also damaging to your nervous and cardiovascular systems and can make existing health problems worse.  In addition, anger can be linked to violent behavior, emotional and physical abuse, and other crimes.

Our experience has shown that support groups are the most effective way of learning to manage your anger. You can learn from the experience of others. Considering the varied backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of others in your group, you will be able to find out what has worked for them and acquire the skill of listening to others.

Being in a group will help you realize that you are not alone in needing to learn these skills. As you observe that others can honestly and effectively deal with their problems, you can gain the ability to do the same. You will have an enhanced perspective as you get different points of view on the problems you face.

Positive reinforcement is possibly the best outcome of your group work. You will see that others do care about you, even with your flaws. Hopefully you will feel an increase of motivation to overcome your anger management problems. In a group you will have the opportunity to interact with others in a positive way and have a positive impact on the lives of other people without the problem of anger.

There are many benefits that can come from learning to control your anger; better health, improved relationships, increased productivity and the prevention of psychological problems. At Melrose Recovery Center, it is our goal that you will learn to assert yourself, expressing your feelings calmly and directly without becoming defensive, hostile, or emotionally charged in a negative way. Learning to control your anger is a difficult challenge. The first step is recognizing that you need help, call today (855) 512-5033.