Music Study

Music is about communication, creativity, and cooperation. By studying music, you have the opportunity to build these skills and enrich your life. You will even have the opportunity to experience the world from a new perspective.

Pablo Casals, a noted cellist, said that music fills him with the wonder of life and the incredible marvel of being a human being. Charles Ives, a modern music composer, said that music expands his mind and challenges him to be a true individual. Leonard Bernstein, a world famous composer and conductor, said that music is enriching and ennobling. These men should know they spent their lives contributing to the music we now enjoy. The study of music can expand your horizons and teach you to appreciate the wonder of the human experience.

Your music study at Melrose Recovery Center will help you to think creatively as you experience the music of different composers and musicians who may be new to you. You will begin to see that problems can be solved with various solutions not only in one way.

As you experience music and musicians from different cultures and countries, you will gain a glimpse into their values and culture. An appreciation, compassion and empathy for others can be developed as you begin to appreciate the cultural diversity that creates the music you enjoy.

Music at the highest level of accomplishment takes hard work and excellence. You will begin to value the sustained effort through hard work that is needed to achieve excellence.

The music to which you listen is a means of self- expression for musicians as well as the listeners. As you develop in your ability to listen to and appreciate great music, your self-esteem will increase.

Research indicates that the study of music helps to develop critical thinking and self-discipline. It improves complex thinking development, math and reading abilities and spatial reasoning skills.

Listening to great music can relieve the stresses and strains of a hectic day’s activities. You will be able to relax and grow in your appreciation of the beauty that is found in excellent music.

A new world is waiting for you to discover. Come and enjoy the art of music. Call today, (855) 512-5033.