Melrose Recovery Center began as an idea to supplement sober livings.  Just living with other recovering addicts in a detox or sober living environment is not enough.  Once the addict knows he/she has a life-threatening problem the dilemma is ‘now what?’ And the larger question is, how does one prevent a relapse and become a healthy, well-adjusted member of society.

The answers come in different forms.

Research and common sense tells us that part of the solution is having the support of a caring community that understands what the addict has been through and can help them navigate the recovery path. For our clients not residing near our Los Angeles facility, we can help you find living accommodations in either a sober living facility or safe housing.

Creative Expression is another key to keeping the addict’s attention.  New life skills are needed to pursue and maintain a good life.

Melrose Recovery Center offers groups that will hold the attention of participants. Our groups include Anger Management, Resumes, help with Vocational Retraining, Drama, Shakespeare, Music, Instruments, Achieving Goals, Relationships, and more.

Our therapists and facilitators offer an array of different techniques, all to help make it possible to have a new life.

Call us today to learn more about the services we offer and let us help you continue on the path of recovery (855) 512-5033.